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“Recognizing and preventing men’s health problems is not just a man’s issue. Because it impacts wives, mothers, daughters and sisters, men’s health is truly a family issue.” ~ Congressional Representative Bill Richardson (NM)

It is reported by the Men’s Health Network that men’s health is the “silent crisis”. Men work in dangerous jobs, are less likely to routinely see their doctor and typically have more risky behaviors. These factors often result in shorter life spans and leave families in financial crisis. Dr. David Gremillion of Men’s Health Network states, “Men live sicker and die younger than American women.”
What does this mean for the survivors? According to the U.S. Administration on Aging more than 12% of people married to someone the same age as themselves will find they are widows as they enter retirement. In addition more than 50% of these widows now live in poverty and a state they weren’t in prior to their spouse’s death.

So what can we do to improve men’s health? According to a survey performed by the Men’s Health Network and Chattem, Inc. “90% of men in the U.S. want to take charge of their own health”, but often times they don’t know how. We can all support men in their pursuit of healthier and happier lives by:

  • Talking with our male loved ones about their physical, emotional, mental, environmental, social, and spiritual health;
  • Sharing educational materials focused on all facets of health, like diet, exercise, regular medical screenings, and positive social interactions;
  • Helping them schedule and keep medical appointments;
  • Encouraging healthy lifestyle choices by eating nutritional meals, increasing physical activity, getting help with stopping smoking, encouraging safe work practices and attending to mental and emotional issues.

To learn more about improving your own health and the health of the man in your life, you can start by scheduling an annual wellness checkup with your doctor. Don’t have a doctor? You can call your local hospital for a list of doctor’s taking new patients.

Canton Potsdam Hospital

(315) 265-3300

Claxton Hepburn Medical Center

(315) 393-3600

Clifton Fine Hospital

(315) 848-3351

Gouverneur Hospital

(315) 287-1000

Massena Memorial Hospital

(315) 764-1711

No insurance? That’s ok call the Health Initiative at (315) 261-4760. We can help you explore the New York State of Health insurance options and get free breast, cervical and colorectal screenings, followup care and treatment.

Additional Web Resources: menshealthnetwork.org, menshealthresourcecenter.com
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