Links to recent newspaper coverage featuring the Health Initiative!

Community Garden Planned for Ogdensburg at Fort la Presentation - North Country Now, 3/26/12

Teens HELP Hosts Film, Let's Talk About Sex" in Ogdensburg - North Country Now, 3/9/12

Canton Bike Path gets Funding for Kid's Park - Watertown Daily Times, 3/6/12

Village of Rensselaer Falls Playground Facility - Watertown Daily Times, 2/11/12

Clifton,Fine Receive Money for Healthy Living - Watertown Daily Times, 2/10/12

Keep Moving, Stay in Shape This Winter - North Country Now,  2/4/12

Health Initiative Helps Buy Skates and Equipment - Daily Courier Observer, 1/31/12

Gouverneur Offers Free Skating at Portable Rink - The Journal, 1/22/12

Sunday Outing at Robert Moses Nature Center - Watertown Daily Times, 1/16/2012

I Can Feel Better Workshops - North Country Now, 12/29/11

Dig In Conference - North Country Now, 12/29/11

County Launches Teen Sex-Ed Website - Courier Observer, 12/25/11

Teens Help Launches Website - Watertown Daily Times, 12/24/11

Donation of Skiis and Snowshoes - North Country This Week, 12/22/11

2011 Patrick Kerr Worksite Wellness Champion Award - North Country This Week, 11/22/11

Letter to the Editor thanking Creating Healthy Places - North County This Week, 12/30/11

Second Dig In Food & Garden Conference - North Country This Week, 12/29/11

Creating Healthy Places donates to Massena Nature Center - North Country This Week, 12/22/11

I Can Feel Better Workshops - North Country This Week, 12/29/11

Teens Help Launches Website - Watertown Daily Times, 12/24/11

North Country Food Day Youth Summit - Daily Courier Observer, 10/25/11

Canton Central School Garden Project - North Country Whis Week, 9/26/11

I Can Feel Better Peer Leaders Sought - North Country This Week, 8/10/2011

Healthy Restaurant Project, Watertown Daily Times, 8/7/2011

Teens Get Smoking Banned at Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club, North Country This Week, 7/21/2011

Official Tour de Potsdam Finish Times, North Country This Week, 7/20/2011

SeaComm Federal Credit Union Sponsors Tour de Potsdam, North Country This Week, 7/12/2011

Team Blevins Worksite Garden, North Country This Week, 7/7/2011

Healthy Small Business Physical Activity Campaign Starts - North Country This Week, 7/7/2011

Six Ice Rinks Receive Skates - Watertown, Daily Times, 7/8/2011

Gouverneur Blevins Plant Garden for Work Site Wellness - North Country This Week, 7/7/2011

SPORT and Youth Champions for Tobacco Free Outdoors
- Ogdensburg Journal, 6/30/2011

SPORT, Ogdensburg Boys and Girls Club - Watertown Daily Times, 6/28/2011

Good to Go Concession - Watertown Daily Times 6/26/11

Tour de Potsdam! - 6/11

Gardening is Good for Your Health! - NCTW 5/29/2011

Teens HELP Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program - 5/11

Creating Healthy Places to Live, Work and Play - May 2011

StoryWalk Training in Potsdam - April 2011

Jumping Rope at Norwood Norfolk Central School's Summer Recreation Program
- July 2010

The Tour De Potsdam is Coming! - July 2010

Ogdensburg Festival 5K Walk/Run - June 2010

Making Hoola Hoop at the Ogdensburg Festival - June 2010

Health Initiative awarded NYS School Policy Grant - May 2010

Interview with Debbie Miller about her book, Recipes for Success - May 2010

SPORT Urges President Obama to Support Youth Tobacco Cessation - March 2010

County COPD Rates are High! - February 2010

SPORT - Helping Kids Quit Tobacco - February 2010

Eat Well Play Hard Awards Local Mini-Grants - January 2010

Canton Garden Project - September 2009

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